5 Cat Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

5 Cat Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

5 Cat Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Just recently, the Cocokitty team has been having a competition to find the weirdest facts about cats. Fortunately, we have finally chosen the top 5 that left everyone told, speechless.


1. Cats can’t taste sweets

Big cats and domesticated cats are missing one of the two genes necessary to make the sweetness receptor. This was permanently turned off millions of years ago due to evolution. Maybe that is why our cats enjoy ignoring our attention.


2. Cats have super acute snoots

A domestic cat’s sense of smell is 9 to 16 times stronger than our noses. This being said, choosing the right litter to lock in odors is the most essential part to happy kitty.


3. Thumbprints are not just from fingers

Every human on this earth has a unique thumbprint that sets them apart. Did you know every cat has a one-of-a-kind print on their noses? I wonder if this is a good way to investigate who has been ripping open the bag of treats at night…


4. Cats spend 70% of their life sleeping

Oh, to be a cat would be a dream. Did you know if a cat is 10 years old, they have only been awake for about 3 years? How crazy is that? This is the most amazing fact we’ve ever heard and I will now use this for every ice breaker ever.


5. Cat’s walk like camels and giraffes

At first, I couldn’t remember how camels and giraffes walk, specifically. It goes a bit like this: right feet first then both of their left feet. These are the only 3 four-legged animals that walk this way.


Now that you know these facts, you will never unsee them. I encourage you to look into these and tell your friends.




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