5 Important Factors to Look for in a Cat Litter

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We’ve all been there. You either drive to your nearest pet store or surf the web trying to find a litter that actually does what it’s supposed to, without the steep price. Sadly enough, it may take 3 to 4 different tries to find something that well, I guess will do for now. Every article you read is paid for by the litter being reviewed so how can you actually know which litter to buy based on your needs. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

1. Tracking is inevitable

If you ever heard about a litter brand conveying you to buy their litter based on their “no tracking,” claim, you’re being punked. No matter pellets or loose litter, tracking can and will always occur. What you should be looking for is a low tracking litter than does not get farther than your litter mat. Just like our cats, we track some dirt inside the home too!

2. Dust is preventable and sometimes toxic!

Dust is one of the biggest headaches when dealing with cat litter. It can be very irritating to inhale used dust particles and hoping it isn’t doing any danger to your health. Clay, crystal, and diatomaceous earth contain known carcinogens that can cause serious lung problems and health dangers. Always choose an organic litter to save yourself from breathing in any toxins.

3. Odor-Control will last longer with clumping natural litters

The best way to put this is when you use the restroom, do you flush or let it sit? Sounds disgusting but I am sure you know the answer. With your cats, the only practical way is to remove clumps and solids, do not stir in! We are not sure why litter brands prefer cat parents to stir the urine around the uncontaminated particles as it will only lead to weak odor control and an extremely bacteria infested litter box!

4. Price and longevity must matter most!

Clay and crystal litters claim your litter box will stay fresh for 7 days while most natural litters (non-clumping) claim 2 weeks. Did you know clumping natural litters can last up to 2 months? But what about price? Well in some cases natural litters can be slightly most costly than synthetic litters but if you factor in how long the litter lasts, you will actually be saving more money buying 6 bags a year instead of 12-14 totes of clay.

5. Primary ingredients can be scary when you know the truth

Clay and crystal litters contain a known carcinogen that can be harmful to you and your cat’s health. Breathing crystalline silica can cause serious damage to your lungs so we would recommend switching to a natural litter completely. Corn litters contain starches, a sugar, that is great for bacteria to feed on. You may notice your litter box getting really stinky, really soon. Wheat has the same qualities corn does so be sure to be diligent about cleaning your litter box. Not only is corn and wheat a starch, but they also can contain pesticides and GMOs which can be dangerous if your cat ingests it. We recommend wood, tofu or coconut-based litters that clump.


Of course, we’d love if you’d choose Cocokitty as your primary litter but as any kitty parent knows, some cats may not take to change so easily. If you’re considering switching to Cocokitty we recommend putting your old litter on top of Cocokitty so your furry friend can feel comfortable with her new potty.