How Clay Litter is Destroying our Planet, and What You Can Do to Help!

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With a family full of cat lovers, we were always concerned with nutrition and giving our furry friends the most engaging play time, but yet we never knew the litter box is something we should be concerned about. 

We knew clay had poor odor control, clumped so harsh it would glue to our cat’s bums, and weighed a ton. Then we researched how it affects our planet. The answers were chilling.

As lovers of the feline species we are strong advocates against the effects and dangers of clay and we want to inform our readers so they won’t make the same mistake we did.

How is clay made?

The majority of strip mining occurs around ancient water beds neighboring lush green forests. In case you are not familiar with the term ‘strip mining,’ it means bulldozing greenery and removing the topsoil leaving almost nothing for the wildlife occupying the forests.

The result of strip mining.


So how does it affect our planet?

Not only does this destroy mother earth’s beautiful forests, this type of mining destroys wildlife, contaminates neighboring streams and water tables, and can prevent the future grown where the mining occurred.

So, what about us and our kitties?

Lucky for us, clay brands give us the privilege to breath in sodium bentonite, a dangerous carcinogen stated by California’s proposition 65. Not only is your cat in danger of developing severe lung problems but you as well.

A litter of kitties should only be using organic litters.


But natural litters are more expensive and there’s so many options to choose from.

Clay brands today love to sell solely based on weight equals value. The reason for that is to shift the narrative in their favor to keep people using their dangerous, short-lived product. Thankfully, we created a litter for cat lovers, by cat lovers. Cocokitty lasts twice as long as clay, it’s 100% organic, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, odor-locking, oh and did we mention, it uses plant-based ingredients to clump!


We believe every little bit counts and by switching from clay to Cocokitty. By joining the club you’re reducing your carbon footprint and giving mother nature a peace of mind!