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1. Why do cat's meow?

Generally, cats love to have your attention and the only way they can get that is to meow until you pet them or most likely, to feed them. Be careful to only respond to their meows when it is appropriate and not during bad behavior. If you notice a sound that may be unusually abnormal for you cat to make, be sure to call your veterinarian to rule out any health issues or and pain points she may be having just in case.


    2. Why does my cat knead?

    Cats knead with their front paws and its mostly because they feel happy or content. You may notice your kitty kneading while you pet her which means she’s loving all the affection she’s getting!

    3. Why does my cat have the most energy at night?

    Cats are nocturnal by nature and instinctively enjoy “hunting” at night. If you have a young kitten, keep in mind they tend to be energetic at any given time so be sure to be patient and allow them to run all their energy out. 


    4. Why does my cat love to scratch my furniture?

    It is completely normal for your cat to scratch objects in your home so rest assured she isn’t doing it because she has a bone to pick with you. Scratching removes a dead outer layer of their claws and they may be marking their territory by leaving visual scratches and their scent. We recommend getting a scratch post or putting kitty nail caps on their paws. Please do not consider declawing (read our previous blog post to find out why declawing is inhumane!).

    5. Will my cat ever understand her name?

    Your cat mostly likely understands her name but chooses not to answer. Cats are very independent animals and would rather do things at their own time. Not all cats are resistant to listening to their name being called and you may notice your kitty is more attentive than normal!

    6. Do cats like when you kiss them?

    It really depends on the personality of your cat and her desire for attention and affection. I’ve seen some cats rather enjoy being left alone but occasionally I’ve came across cats who loved the kisses they received from their owner. I know my cat has adored all the attention she can get even from strangers, but then again, she was very coddled by everyone in the household. Just like dogs, it is very important to get your kitty used to things early on like touching their paws, kissing them, petting them on their belly and very rarely, bathing. You’ll notice how much more compliant they’ll be during an uncomfortable situation.


    I am not a cat behavioralist or veterinarian and my answers to these questions are all from my own experiences and online research. The Kitty Corner is just for fun and general knowledge provided for our fellow kitty parents. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Cocokitty’s customer service team: