7 Reasons Why You Should Spay or Neuter Your Cat

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Every year, kitten season grows larger and larger, crowding shelters and resulting in amazing potential pets to be euthanized. As cat lovers, we couldn’t imagine our own furry friends being euthanized, even in good health. Though we cannot open our homes to every cat in the shelter, we can help control the overwhelming pet population by spaying our feline friends, preventing unwanted litters and of course, costly medical bills.


 1. The cost of surgery is less than the cost of raising a single kitten for a year.

 Many states and counties have launched affordable spay/neuter programs to encourage pet owners to help control the cat homelessness population and prevent unwanted litters. It is commonly believed that if you find good homes for the kittens, it is unlikely they’ll find their way to the shelter. Sadly, this is not the case and is why most cats end up in shelters due to housing issues.

 2. Shelter euthanasia is the #1 killer of companion animals.

Due to the heavy population of homeless felines, most shelters can determine to euthanize an animal solely based on minor health issues such as eye discharge, sneezing, coughing, and any other non-life-threatening symptom. The best way to prevent cats from entering the system is to spay your kitty before she has the chance to reproduce.

 3. Prevent uterine infections and breast tumors.

Uterine infections and breast cancer are fatal in about 90% of cats. According to the ASPCA, sterilizing your pet before her first heat is the best protection from these diseases.

 4. Neutering a male feline prevents testicular cancer and some prostate irregularities.

No matter male or female, health complications can be prevented just by sterilizing your cat. Keep in mind there is no guarantee spaying or neutering your feline will leave them risk-free and it is always a good idea to look out for abnormalities in your pet.

 5. Reduces the risk of roaming

Neutering your cat is beneficial for the male’s safety and will prevent fights between neighboring cats. Not neutering your male cat will cause him to either run out the door to look for a mate or roam your home to find a way out. These hormones create a competition for mating and are impossible for your cat to ignore.  

6. Reduces spraying

Females in heat tend to spray and whine. This process can be very uncomfortable for them and they will be ridden with anxiety to mate. It is recommended to spay your cat before her first heat cycle making it a faster and easier procedure as well as preventing mating behaviors.

7. Improves life expectancy

As I mentioned above, sterilizing before the first heat cycle, or puberty, will prevent uterine diseases, breast cancer, testicular cancer, and many more. Your cat’s hormones will be regulated, ensuring your kitty will not be overwhelmed with the need to mate. Also keep in mind, preventing your furry friend from birthing litters will save them the stress and possible medical complications that could occur during her pregnancy.