5 Ways To Help your Kitten Adjust To Their New Home

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Either you're bringing home your first kitten or this is your second, third, or fourth time around, everyone needs a little bit of advice to give them a proper warm welcome but first you should consider a few things before he or she steps foot inside:

  • Unless this will be your first cat, it is always recommended to prepare a separate room away from all your current cats to give them time to adjust and get to know their new environment.

  • If you have a cat that is potentially going to have a hard time getting to know the new housemate, be sure to take extra time into researching different strategies to create a positive meeting.

  • Be sure to have toys and scratching posts to keep them distracted throughout the day. This will redirect their need to scratch your furniture or knock objects off counter tops.


 P.S. Kitties love boxes!

Bring a new kitty home 101:

  • Get a safe room ready. To ease their stress of strangers and weird environments, prepare a room that is quite and relaxing for them to get to know your family’s routine.

  • Cat-ify the safe room. Be sure to give your cat enough toys and scratching posts to keep them busy during the day. Remove any hazardous objects that is sharp or could be knocked over, just in case.

  • Plenty of food and water. Some cats adjust a little slower and enjoy their privacy to eat and drink water. Be sure to leave plenty for them so they feel they have enough resources throughout the day.

  • Show them where their cat litter is. To avoid accidents and confusion, place your new kitten in their litter box as soon as you get home. This way they will know where to go, when they gotta go.

  • Spend time with them. Some cats can be very outgoing and will be hoping to play as soon as possible. Keep in mind not all kittens are this way and you need to let them approach you at their own pace. Don’t be afraid if they hiss or growl. If this occurs, be calm and walk away from them so they no longer feel threatened or afraid.

  • Slowly allow them to explore the areas of your home. When you feel you and your cat have formed a bond, give them access to another room in the home to explore and get to know. You want to slowly transition them, not overwhelm them.


We know you and your new kitty will get along just right and we advise you to take these small steps to build a strong bond for the future. Just like us, cats are all about trust and our main goal is to assure them that their best pal is you. Don’t be discouraged if they seem shy right off the bat, they may need a little time to become your best friend!