How Do Cats Show Affection?

How Do Cats Show Affection?

How Do Cats Show Affection?

How Do Cats Show Affection?

Cats are very mysterious creatures that prefer pets and cuddles when they request it. Something about their independence makes us love them just that much more, but how do we know if they are showing affection or they are just allowing the love because they feel bad for us? Here’s a few indicators to look for:

1. Head-bunting

If you notice your cat pushing his/her head towards you, chances are they see you as trustworthy and as family. This shows her vulnerability to you because she does not think that you are predator. If she is pushing her head towards you, we recommend doing it back to her. She’ll take it as, “Oh! They feel the same way!”

 2. They want to groom you

Your kitty is trying to teach you how to groom yourself. Cute isn’t it? This is a true sign of affection and can also indicate she is trying to calm you down. If you have multiple cats that do this behavior to each other, don’t worry, they are just bonding. It is also seen as a way for them to mark their territory (you have now become their territory).

 3. Purring

The most obvious ways to tell if your cat is feeling loving is by purring when you are near them or petting them. Purring makes them feel relaxed and calm and you may notice them start to close their eyes from the soothing massage you’re giving them. Keep in mind that purring doesn’t always mean they are content. If you notice your cat purring an extensive amount, she is probably trying to reduce the pain she might be feeling. In this case, we always recommend to visit the vet for a diagnosis.

 4. The belly flash

Dogs and cats seem to be alike when it comes to the belly flash. They are the most vulnerable on their backs and when they present their soft fluffy tummy to you, it is a sign of trust and comfort. If cats could talk, they would probably say, “I trust you, now look at my tummy but beware when you try to pet my belly!”


These are, for the most part, a spot-on indicator that your cat loves you just as much as you love them. Acknowledge their affection with lots of play time and quality time hanging out together. It is important to show love back to your fur baby so she can sense how you feel and it will strengthen your bond together.




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