How to Keep your Cat at a Healthy Weight

How to Keep your Cat at a Healthy Weight

How to Keep your Cat at a Healthy Weight

Our pets’ health is the most important thing to keep a close eye on. We buy them the best food, safe toys, natural litter, and keep them far away from human food that could endanger them. Sure, all these things are great but the problem is, how do we keep them at a healthy weight even if we feed them the best food?

According to the 2018 Pet Obesity Prevention Organization survey, an estimated 60% of cats in the United States were overweight or obese. Considering there are roughly 76 million cats in the states, 60% or 45.6 million cats are packing on the pounds. Overfeeding is a big problem and a large effect on our cats’ lifespans, so we decided to investigate and research the best way to keep your cats in tip top shape.


1. No more bottomless bowls

When we go to work, we leave a big bowl of food to keep them fed throughout the day. This is the biggest mistake everyone makes. It is important to learn the proper amount of food you should be putting down and how many meals per day for your cats age. Kittens will need to eat more often than adult and senior cats.

3. Exercise, exercise, exercise!

Every cat should have play time with their human every day! It is essential to keep your cat active and their brain stimulated. If your cat is overweight and refuses to even swipe that feather you are hanging above her head, we recommend using catnip or silver vine as a stimulus.

3. Fountain water is better than still water

Consider investing a water fountain to encourage your cat to drink more water. Cats tend to drink more water if its running than when it is sitting in a bowl. Having your cat drink more water can trick her brain into thinking she is full, thus, eating less food. I use the Catit water fountain in my house and my cat finishes the water in less than 2 days.

4. Limit those treats

It is so cute how anxious they get when we pull the treats out but slow your roll human. Check the recommended serving on the packaging to ensure you are not tossing too many treats. If your cat is severely overweight, we recommend halting the treats as a whole. Keep to the healthy food at her scheduled times.

5. Vets know best

Consult your pet’s weight with your vet to determine an accurate approach to reducing your cat’s weight to a healthy size. No animal is one size fits all and it is essential to get to your cat’s preferences and personal weight management techniques to see the best results.




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