The Best Things You Can Do For Your Cat

The Best Things You Can Do For Your Cat

The Best Things You Can Do For Your Cat

Everyone now and then we love to spoil our furry friends just for being, well, them! Yes, a tuna dinner might be amazing every now and then but there are also some other things to maintain your kitty's health and find what entertains them the most!


1. Always clean your cat's teeth

This is always #1 on the list as the American Veterinary Dental Society estimates approximately 70% of cats will have some form of oral disease by the age of three. It is recommended to clean your cat's teeth two to three times per week and getting their teeth professionally cleaned once a year. 


2. Actively exercise your cat - daily!

We are always on the run. Either it's work, family time, or a night out on the town, we are busy people. Believe it or not, cat's get lonely too. Leaving them alone for too long can result in stress, anxiety, and behavioral problem. It is recommend to only leave adult cats alone for a maximum of 8 hours and kittens for 4 hours. Cats are actually social animals and thrive on their close bonds with you. Be sure to play with your kitty and show em' some love every day!


3. Brush your cat's fur

Cat fur sticks to everything. It's almost like our black clothing is drawn to it! Be sure to brush your cat's fur twice a week to save your clothing and to keep their coat free of loose hairs. Cats can consume their fur and it can lead to fur balls and over grooming. 

4. Be consistent with annual check ups

Contrary to belief, just because your cat is indoor does not mean you should cancel annual check ups all together. Cats need to stay healthy and safe from lingering viruses or bacteria. Always stay up to date with check ups to keep a close eye on your cat's health.

5. Keep the litter box clean

Being a litter company, we know a thing or two about keeping that litter box clean. Maybe it's why we're obsessed with always giving our cat a fresh litter to use. By not maintaining the litter box daily, bacteria can actually start to build up and all those previous potties will add up in odor, no matter how amazing the litter may be. Always be actively aware of your litter's health because cats are sticklers for clean environments and it may lead them to going else where to potty.

6. Try catnip and silver vine

I am sure you've heard of catnip as it is the craze of cat community videos. Have you looked into silver vine? According to statistics, only 50% of cats react to catnip. It's said that if your cat's parents did not react to it, chances are your cat won't either. Don't worry! We got options. Silver vine is the new "catnip" on the block that people are raving about. Most cats react to it and it helps with cats who can't seem to get what's so great about catnip. If you're not sure where to find it, we recommend Cloud 9 silver vine  at 

7. Buy them a scratch post

Okay, okay. Pretty basic stuff but we are going to tell you once more: scratch posts are essential. If you love your furniture, this is definitely something you'll need. They help cats stretch, allows them to leave their scent via claw marks, and sheds the outer layer of their claws. Help you, Help them.

8. Invest in a water fountain 

At first, I was a little skeptical about the whole cat fountain trend going around. After doing some research I can confirm this will change your kitty's life. My cat is now drinking more water, keeps it fresh, and it filters out any minerals that may get into her water. Cat's love drinking from flowing water and you'll notice it within your cat as well. We recommend getting the Catit fountain as it is affordable and aesthetically looks great.

9. Catnip wine - cheers?

I just found this online and wow this is the coolest thing to ever come to cats. I currently have some coming in to see how my cat reacts to it. It's definitely a hit or miss depending on how your cat feels about catnip. It's something new to try!


Just like you all, we love trying new trends and fun new products as well as keeping our furry friends safe and healthy for years to come. If you decide to try the catnip wine, please email us at and tell us how it went (maybe add some pictures and videos for our team to enjoy!) 




I am not a cat behaviorist or veterinarian and my statements are all from my own experiences and online research. The Kitty Corner is just for fun and general knowledge provided for our fellow kitty parents. Cocokitty does not accept sponsorships, free goods, samples, promotional products, or other benefits from any of the product brands featured on this page. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Cocokitty’s customer service team: