The Facts About Whiskers

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We adore our fur babies for their cute snoots and long whiskers. Of course, we know what the noses are used for—but what about the whiskers? There is a lot of myths regarding them and how exactly a cat uses them to their advantage.


1. First: Do not cut or trim whiskers!

Whiskers are not like hair. The length of them have reason such as helping your kitty determine if she can fit through small spaces. It is essential to leave them as is or your kitty can become disorientated.

2. They are a vital sensory tool

They help a cat see in the dark and reroute her around obstacles and predators. They are ultra-sensitive to their surroundings and this explains how they can run around your room in the dark and keep you up at night.

3. Whiskers are not just on their face

You might think what they have on their face is all they got but they also some on their ears, above their eyes, jaw and forelegs. This makes them the stealthiest little hunters.

4. They can change colors

Your cat’s whiskers will change from bright white whiskers to dark gray. It’s actually cute to see them grow old and gray with us.

5. They can detect even the smallest speck of dust

Another way whiskers help your kitty be the best hunter is their whiskers can sense the slightest touch and even a small spec of dust. Also, when they are approaching something sharp, their whiskers will detect it and they can go on without approaching danger.


Pretty crazy, huh? Everyday we are amazed by all the new things we learn about our ninja buddies. Hopefully your kitties are not as hyper as ours because we definitely understand a nocturnal crazy cat.