• Pet Accident Cleanup
    In a Snap!

    Sprinkle & Sweep combats stinky pet accidents with safe & non-toxic ingredients. Not only is it safe for use around pets and children, but it’ll turn that smell into a forgotten memory with the quickest cleanup of your life!

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    Sprinkle & Sweep

    • Instantly cleanup urine, diarrhea, vomit & more!
    • Deodorizes pet accidents and litter boxes
    • Safe & Non-Toxic
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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  • Born from a fateful
    poopy night…

    It’s a family affair here at Sprinkle & Sweep, so you know there’s no room for sh… for mess. With decades of spill management in the fam, we use nothing but the best: locally sourced, eco-conscious ingredients that perform, made right here in the USA.

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Odor Trapped
Vet Approved
Residue Eliminated
Trees Saved
Hands Freed
Spills Handled
Earth Loved

Goodbye to you, liquidy poo

It’s so easy, if your dog had opposable thumbs they’d clean it themselves!

Teresa B

“I wish this had come home with the new puppy. I bought some for my daughter, who also got a puppy. Best way to clean up those inevitable accidents that puppies make.”

See what fellow pet parents have to say!
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A Better Approach to Pet Accidents

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Pet Friendly
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Approved by Vets
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Made in the US
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There's No Planet B

The ultimate pet accident cleanup product, not only does it drastically reduce paper towel use, it’s safe for pets and children alike!

Reduce Paper Towel Use

Reviews from pet parents who’ve put the paper towels away!

“I’ve been a veterinarian for almost 15 years and never seen anything like it. This product is...”

pet friendly

“This product has saved me so much time and money. So grateful”

pet friendly

“Sprinkle & Sweep has made my house spelling fresh, I no longer have that stinky odor coming f...”

pet friendly

“This product has saved me so much time and money. So grateful”


Not just for doggy pee and doo-doo..

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Oil spills in the garage?

Sprinkle & Sweep!

Wine no longer in your glass?

Sprinkle & Sweep!

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Spaghetti on the floor?

Sprinkle & Sweep!

litter box deodorizer

word to the wise, you can use it to deodorize!

Not just made for the messy pet accidents, Sprinkle & Sweep eliminates the odors coming from two of the stinkiest sources: the litter box & the garbage. Sprinkle a small amount over either and take a deep breath in!

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garbage can deodorizer

We’re on a mission to save 1 million trees a year by 2030

Did you know American's consume as much as 13 billion pounds of paper towels every year?!

This is one of the many reasons as to why we’ve made it so that proceeds of each bag of Sprinkle & Sweep are donated to the One Tree Planted foundation, a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation.


Ecology? Friended.

Sustainability? Secured.

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From the poopy fateful day that our journey began, we've been on a mission to continue to innovate and develop Sprinkle & Sweep into the highest-performing, lowest cost and easiest method of dealing with pet messes on the planet!

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Here at Sprinkle & Sweep, few things give us the ICK more than products that don’t deliver on their promises, promithes.

Since that fateful poopy night years ago, we knew we had to create a product that would help give pet parents a peace of mind…and nose!

In addition to being a powerful, toxic-free alternative, we are committed to making an ecologically conscious difference. We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to help stop deforestation. With every bag that’s sold, a small portion goes towards planting and saving trees! 

And don’t forget: Free shipping. All day. Every day.

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