• Pet Accident Cleanup
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    Sprinkle & Sweep combats stinky pet accidents with safe & non-toxic ingredients. Not only is it safe for use around pets and children, but it’ll turn that smell into a forgotten memory with the quickest cleanup of your life!

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    Sprinkle & Sweep

    • Instantly cleanup urine, diarrhea, vomit & more!
    • Deodorizes pet accidents and litter boxes
    • Safe & Non-Toxic
    • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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  • Born from a fateful
    poopy night…

    It’s a family affair here at Sprinkle & Sweep, so you know there’s no room for sh… for mess. With decades of spill management in the fam, we use nothing but the best: locally sourced, eco-conscious ingredients that perform, made right here in the USA.

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One pet accident caused one groundbreaking idea.

Our quest began in 2007, with the introduction of Eco>Absorb, one of the world’s most powerful all-natural absorbents made from natural byproducts. Over several years of developing the product and providing an incredible absorbent solution to industries of all types, we quickly became experts in our craft. In 2016, our company founder, Michael Shannon, adopted a Miniature Bull Terrier puppy and named him Sparky. One night, Sparky developed an upset stomach and surprised Michael with an accident of epic proportions. It was as if a chocolate volcano erupted in the middle of the room. The odor was overbearing and tackling the task armed only with paper towels and no gas mask in sight seemed like a task only suited for those with the strongest of stomachs. That’s when the idea clicked! Our absorbent worked incredibly for difficult to pick up spills such as motor oil, why not try it out here? Michael sprang into action, grabbed a bag of Eco Absorb from the garage, and poured it over the massive mess. Within seconds, the odor was gone and the liquids were solidified. Within a minute, the mess was swept up, disposed of and completely gone. A disgusting task that should have taken many minutes of clean up using mountains of paper towels was reduced to just 2 minutes with Eco>Absorb.

From that day forward, we embarked onto the long road of discovery, learning all we could about how to adapt our vast experience in absorbent products into the all-natural, odor-blocking and revolutionary pet accident clean up product that Sprinkle & Sweep is today. While Sprinkle & Sweep has finally arrived, our team is still working day in and day out to continue to innovate and develop Sprinkle & Sweep into the highest-performing, lowest cost and easiest method of dealing with pet messes on the planet.

Innovative solutions to age old problems deserve a little recognition, no?

Put. The. Paper. Towels. Down.
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