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Pet Stain & Odor Spray

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Pet Safe & Non-Toxic

30 Day Satisfaction Gaurantee

EASY TO USE: Spray and walk away! No scrubbing or blotting necessary. Allow the concentrated enzymes in our stain and odor cleaning solution to do the hard work of getting the stains and bad smells out of your carpet or rug for a fresh clean home.

PREVENTS REPEAT MARKING: Pets have keen noses. With complete odor removal, your furry friend won't be tempted to urinate in the same spot they did before.

MULTIPURPOSE: Works on carpets, rugs, upholstery, fabrics, and hard surfaces without scrubbing or blotting. Use in crates or kennel areas to deodorize and clean after accidents. All that’s left behind is a fresh bamboo and mint aroma that leaves your house smelling fresh, like the accident never happened.

GREAT VALUE: Our large 24-ounce bottle contains up to 50 uses, a generous size that lasts most people many months. Actual use depends on your pets and frequency of accidents within your home. Our formula is made in the USA, so you can depend on our cleaning supplies being available at a reasonable price without a worry about supply shortages!

Bamboo & Mint Aroma: Tremendous effort was devoted to developing a unique aroma profile that every pet parent will LOVE, and we believe our Bamboo & Mint aroma does just that!

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What is an enzyme spray anyways?

Natural enzymes breakdown odor and stain causing organic matter in pet pee, poo and vomit! After being broken down by enzymes, pro-bacteria cultures in this spray begin to feast on those organic compounds - meaning no more stain and no more stink!

Be sure to allow ample time for the process to do it's thing! We recommend thoroughly spraying the area and leaving fabric or carpeted surfaces to dwell for at least 6 hours before vacuuming. Set in stains may require additional treatments.

What if I use this on old urine stains? 

Pet accident stains which have been left to dry for extended periods are much more resistant. However they are also no match for our Pet Stain & Odor Spray!

Simply be sure to thoroughly saturate the effected area, and for fabric or carpeted areas it is recommended to allow at least 24 hour period between applications to achieve the desired result.

For an extra boost to the enzyme action, try cutting out a square grocery bag section to place on the area after spraying. This will keep the area moist for a longer period of time and increase the effectiveness!

What materials is this spray intended for?

Pet accidents such as pee, liquidy poo, hairballs, or vomit which occur on carpets, rugs, upholstery or any other fabric at home or in the car.

Start by removing an solids from the pet accident, as this spray will not consume or remove solids of any kind. Pet parents can then thoroughly spray the effected area to breakdown the waste residuals, preventing a stain and any lingering odor!

Where else is Pet Stain & Odor Spray effective?

This Pet Stain & Odor Spray is incredibly versatile in its abilities to clean pet messes at home on virtually all surfaces!

Pet pee which have dried on hard surfaces can be re-hydrated with this spray prior to using Sprinkle & Sweep to absorb the mess into a dust pan and disposing!

Some amazing places to use this Pet Stain & Odor Spray are:

  • Carpets, upholstery, fabrics
  • Hard surfaces such as tile, wood, laminate, stone, and more!
  • Pet accidents in the car
  • Kennel cleaning and deodorizing
  • Crate cleaning and deodorizing

Safe around pets and children?

Yes! Although our formulation is not toxic at ready to use concentration levels, it is still a good rule of thumb to keep pets and children away for the area until after the cleaning process is complete.

Be sure never to allow pets or children to gain access to your Pet Stain & Odor Spray bottle. Any ingestion should be avoided at all times.

How does my subscription work? Can I update my preferences later on?

Difficult to manage subscriptions make our eyes roll.

We make it simple to skip deliveries, or cancel subscriptions right from your account portal. Sign in to manage your subscription preferences at any time right from your mobile device or computer!