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This Sprinkle & Sweep Bundle includes the essentials and more to get started with today's leading accident cleanup solutions at home!

Purchase 1 Bag of Sprinkle & Sweep at 30% OFF (MSRP $24.99) and receive the Sweeper Kit 35% OFF ($19.99 MSRP) plus 10% OFF our Stain & Odor Enzymatic Spray ($19.99 MSRP)

Included in this Bundle:

 - 1 Bag of Sprinkle & Sweep

 - 1 Sweeper Kit

 - 1 Stain & Odor Enzymatic Spray

*Our adorable puppy not included :)

Say bye to pee soaked paper towels, forever.

Quick &

Hands-Off Cleanup

Active Stink-Lock Technology™

Bamboo Mint & Lime Essential Oils

Coconut Based Activated Carbon

Veterinarian Approved

"I have two older Dobermans, I’m blown away with how well this this stuff works for their occasional accidents around my house! Makes cleaning up after them a MILLION times easier for my husband and I. Personally, I highly recommend this product for all pet parents, especially those with medium to larger breeds!"

Melissa I.


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What in the world is Active Stink-Lock Technology™?

What is it?

Our own developed odor converting technology. Guaranteed to safely disable waste odors.

How does it work?

Stinky organic compounds are effectively blocked from vaporizing into the air.

What does it do?

Eliminates the smell of that doggy poo from engulfing the room with poo vapors!

How It Works


Completely cover mess with Sprinkle & Sweep granules.

Work In

Sweep from the outside inward, unsticking the accident from surface.


Sweep into a dustpan and dispose in trash.


Sprinkle a small amount on any remaining residue and swirl in a circular motion until gone. Sweep again and dispose.




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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Sprinkle & Sweep

Sweeper Kit

Stain & Odor Spray

Bundles & More!

How many accidents can one bag cleanup?

Most pet parents are able to address 40 pet accidents with medium sized dogs and cats! For larger to extra large breeds, about 30 accidents is the average for a single bag!

That's a ton of pee and poo 'bang' for your 'buck', without the 'yuck' of stinky poo covered mounds of paper towels!

Safe around pets and children?

Yes! Sprinkle & Sweep is not harmful if accidentally swallowed in small amounts. However, it isn't a food product, please be sure your pet doesn't attempt to consume it as part of their regular diet.

Please store your Sprinkle & Sweep products out of reach of pets and young children.

Should I get the Sweeper kit too?

YES! The Sweeper Kit is a MUST for ensuring your experience is consistently outstanding!

Our Sweeper was methodically designed around the Sprinkle & Sweep material characteristics.

Although the sweeper is easy to keep clean and disinfected, we wouldn't suggest using your kitchen sweeper for pet accidents!

Does Sprinkle & Sweep work on carpet?

Sprinkle & Sweep can work amazing on carpet, we just don't recommend it on light colored carpets, shaggy carpets, or for pee accidents on carpet.

If you do wish to use it on carpet, simply use it on the most icky accidents such as vomit or poo. It will be life changing compared to using paper towels or bathroom tissue!

Is it really veterinarian approved?

YES! Our veterinarian endorsements will be added to our new website soon! In the meantime, visit our Instagram to see several public veterinarian endorsements of Sprinkle & Sweep.

There are well over 100 veterinarian clinics across the United States using Sprinkle & Sweep in their practices daily!

Isn’t this just like cat litter?

Negative, ghost rider!

Cat litter can't compare to Sprinkle & Sweep, litter works amazing as a medium for our feline family-members to use in their litter box.

However outside of this, cat litter will not eliminate odors or perform overall like Sprinkle & Sweep does for pet accident cleanup.

Can I use Sprinkle & Sweep outdoors?

It was developed for indoor use, but can be used outdoors!

One way Sprinkle & Sweep is used by many while outdoors is on walks! Instead of having to pick up that warm doggy #2 with just a thin layer of film between your hand, try covering with a thin layer of Sprinkle & Sweep. Trust us, your senses will thank you! ;)

Where is Sprinkle & Sweep made?

We manufacture Sprinkle & Sweep in Sunny Southern California, under our own roof, surrounded by our animal obsessed team.

How can I use Sprinkle & Sweep in the litter box?

Another big YES! Sprinkle & Sweep performs amazing as a litter box deodorizer, however we don't recommend using it exclusively as litter medium.

Simply 'sprinkle' into the litter box as needed to eliminate those ammonia-laced kitty odors.

Where else is Sprinkle& Sweep effective?

Stinky trash container? That's trash!

Simply sprinkle in a light top layer to eliminate those smelly odors instantly!

Did we mention Sprinkle & Sweep can also be used as a fantastic litter box enhancer? Oh and that it is a life saver for spills in the kitchen or in the garage!

How does my subscription work? Can I update my preferences later on?

Difficult to manage subscriptions make our eyes roll.

We make it simple to skip deliveries, or cancel subscriptions right from your account portal. Sign in to manage your subscription preferences at any time right from your mobile device or computer!